In many cases ovarian pain is something obvious, but in other cases it might be mistaken for something else. There are several different conditions that could cause the same symptoms.

In case this is a problem you are faced with, you should find information about your ovaries as well, not only the symptoms.

The role of the ovaries

When talking about the pain of the ovaries you should know that they have an important role to play in the reproductive system. They have two main jobs: releasing an egg on a monthly basis and producing the hormones that make fertilization possible. In case fertilization doesn’t occur, these hormones make menstruation possible.

Ovarian PainSymptoms of the pain of the ovaries

The ovaries can be found in the lower area of the abdomen, under the belly button. In case you have this kind of pain, then it should be localized in the lower part of the abdomen and in the pelvic area. Naturally it is something different than the menstrual pain.

The symptoms of ovarian pain occur between your monthly periods. In case you are experiencing any kind of pain, you should see your doctor or gynecologist to find out whether the reason is something simple or something that requires immediate medical attention.

What will your doctor ask you?

When you see your doctor regarding the pain in the ovaries, most probably your doctor will ask you some questions. These include questions referring to when the pain started, the location of the pain, how often the pain is experienced, what kind of pain it is or which activities make the pain better or worse.

Some other questions about ovarian pain may refer to the impact that the pain has on your everyday life. There are many different reasons for this kind of pain, including ovarian cancer, rupture or torsion caused by some kind of cyst.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst

Regarding the pain in the ovaries you should know that a cyst is a sack of fluid that occurs often in case of women. They are formed in case the egg doesn’t get released during ovulation. Also it could form if the sac that keeps the egg doesn’t dissolve after releasing it.

In the majority of the cases the cysts that could cause ovarian pain are quite harmless, and it is also possible that they do not cause any kinds of symptoms. Some of the symptoms associated with the condition include pain during bowel movements and intercourse, bloating, irregular periods, and vomiting or nausea.

Ovarian cancer

The pain in the ovaries could also be caused by cysts that turn into tumors. These tumors could be malignant or benign. The symptoms of the condition include frequent urination, loss of appetite, constipation, weight loss or gain, and bloating.

Diagnosing the symptoms of ovarian pain

In case this is the pain that you are feeling, you should visit your doctor in order to diagnose your condition. The methods of diagnosis include ultrasound and manual examination of the pelvis.