One of our readers posted a comment mentioning that she had been diagnosed with “water bag on left side ovary” and that she was in pain asking what her options were.

Water On The Ovaries

It would appear that this is a case of an Ovarian Cyst where the woman’s normally solid ovary or ovaries are seen to form a cyst where fluid has collected. Ovarian cysts form when something goes wrong during the process of the development of the follicle and release of the egg from the ovary each month.

There is the apprehension that ovarian cysts are associated with ovarian cancer, but in a vast majority of cases, these cysts do not lead to cancer.

Most benign (non-cancerous) cysts go away by themselves and not a cause for worry since they do not require treatment. This happens when the collection of fluid in the cyst is reabsorbed by the blood stream. Treatment/investigation is required if:

  • A painful ovarian cyst should be investigated properly to rule out any serious problems.
  • Also if an ovarian cyst does not resolve itself after several months (and menstrual periods) further investigation is required.
  • For post menopausal women also ovarian cyst is of concern.
  • If the cyst is growing larger rather than diminishing in size.