There are a lot of women thinking about the prevention of the formation of cyst on ovaries. This is a common problem, but in the majority of the cases these cysts disappear on their own. Nonetheless in case they get filled with fluids, they will go on growing.

Information about ovarian cysts

Usually when people hear about such cysts they instantly think about ovarian cancer because cancer usually starts as a cyst that doesn’t seem to go away. Still remember that a tumor or a cyst is only a sack filled with tissue or fluid. It’s not a must for them to be cancerous, but if you are also experiencing swelling, then there is a problem.


Although in the majority of the cases the ovarian cysts aren’t cancerous, they might still turn out to be a condition that requires the attention of a doctor. For sure you know that these cysts form during the ovulation process, usually when the egg is released, and so they shouldn’t form in case of menopausal women.

In the same manner the cyst on ovaries shouldn’t affect pregnant women since they aren’t ovulating. Ovulation doesn’t get back to normal until women stop breastfeeding. This means that breastfeeding women shouldn’t develop cysts either. Nonetheless there are some other ways as well to avoid cysts.

Preventing ovarian cysts naturally

In the majority of the cases doctors say that there is no natural way of dealing with cysts. However there are some women who have found holistic approaches of exercise and diet that is working out for them. In some cases through the right diet you can achieve hormonal balance and thus prevent the formation of the cysts. It’s not only cyst on ovaries that these methods can protect you against, but some other life threatening conditions too.

Birth control and prevention

As it has been mentioned before, the ovarian cysts form during ovulation, but the birth control pills may still help prevent them. This is because these pills prevent women from getting pregnant or ovulating. Since there is no ovulation, it is almost impossible for the cysts to form.

In case of PCOS or in case of patients with several cysts, doctors prescribe contraceptive pills to prevent cyst on ovaries. There is a decision that women have to make in this case: avoiding the cysts or getting pregnant. In case a patient would like to get pregnant, then she has to give up the contraception pills, but then she will be at risk of developing cysts.

Using birth control pills in order to prevent ovarian cysts may be a risky decision especially in case of women who had cysts before. They could have an effect on pregnancy and they may lead to an unwanted abortion.

Before taking pills to prevent the formation of a cyst on ovaries or before deciding to get pregnant, you should talk to your gynecologist. He or she might suggest you the best course of action so that you will have some protection and you will be able to get pregnant too.