We could say that a cervical cyst is a bump that is located on the cervix. The cervix is 2 cm long and is of 4 cm in diameter, found at the end of the vagina. Just as in case of the ovarian cysts, these cysts usually aren’t malignant or harmful.

General information regarding the cyst on the cervix

Usually these cysts have no symptoms and there is no need for treatment because they clear upon their own. They have the look of small pimples that are filled with mucus.

Cervical CystThey could appear individually or in small clusters. In the majority of the cases they are found during a gynecologic or pelvic exam and this is why it is important to have regular checkups.

Depending on the size, the cyst on the cervix doesn’t affect pregnancy or intercourse. Nonetheless in case we are referring to larger cysts then women could have some problems in these fields and they may require the surgical removal of the cyst.


In some cases the cervical cyst appears without any apparent cause, in some cases it can be associated with menopause or pregnancy. Mostly it appears in women while they are still in their childbearing years.

After giving birth, the tissue of the cervix grows and gets repaired. Rarely during the process the mucus glands are also covered, trapping the mucus and leading to cyst on the cervix.

In the moment when women reach menopause, the mucus of the cervix and the vagina gets thinner, and so the risks of cervical cyst increase. The patients with cervical infections have greater chances of being affected by the cyst.


As it has been mentioned before, usually the cyst on the cervix is small and thus doesn’t cause any symptoms. Nonetheless if the cyst grows and becomes larger, it could cause discomfort, becoming more noticeable.

The symptoms associated with the cyst include irregular bleeding, pain in the pelvic area, pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge.

Treatment and cyst removal

In case the cervical cyst shows symptoms, your health care provider will most probably perform a colposcopy in order to manage the condition. This is similar to the Pap smear. There is a microscope used in order to enlarge the cervix. In case the doctor thinks that the cyst is abnormal, he or she will perform a biopsy.

Due to the biopsy the doctor will see whether the cyst on the cervix is malignant or benign. In case the cyst causes discomfort or pain the doctor will most likely decide to remove the cyst.

Cysts and cancer

There are some people asking whether the cyst could turn into Cervical cancer. The truth is that these cysts are usually found during a regular exam, and they are highly treatable, usually by removal. This way there are few women exposed to complications resulting from the cyst.

It’s not the end of the world to be affected by a cervical cyst, but it is best to find it as soon as possible.