Ovarian carcinoma or ovarian cancer is a cancerous augmentation in the ovary of a female. The symptoms of the disease emerge on early stage and include bloating, difficulty in eating, pelvic pain and urge to urinate frequently. It has common symptom so it is usually and frequently confused with other common illnesses.

risk factors of ovarian carcinoma

Most of women suffering from this type of cancer had developed the disease from the surface of the ovary called the epithelium. However, the fallopian tube has also resulted in the source of ovarian cancers.

A risk factor can be defined as those alterations that might lead to an increase in the chances of a person getting that disease. Following are the common risk factors of ovarian carcinoma.

1. Age factor: The most common of all the factors of a woman getting affected by cancerous growth in her ovary is due to her age. The risk of developing this type of cancer increase with increasing age. This type of cancer is rare in woman aging less than 40 years of age. Most of the cases are found to be developing the cancer condition only after their menopause.

2. Obesity criteria: This is another risk factor that can lead to the cancer condition. The relation between obesity and ovarian cancer has been witnessed in a large number of cases. Women having a body index mass equivalent or more than 30 are under the risk of getting affected with the condition.

3. History of Reproduction: The women who had experienced pregnancy have a lower risk of getting affected by ovarian cancer than their counterparts. The risk lowers down with each full term pregnancy and it minimized further with the experience of breast feeding.

4. Birth control pills consumption: Women who have used contraceptive pills have a reduced risk of suffering from the ovarian carcinoma. However, the risk is only reduced after six months of the consumption of the pills. These pills are commonly called as birth control pills.

5. Gynecological surgical procedure: Surgical procedure might prove beneficial for the same. Having your tube tied by a surgical procedure termed as Tubal ligation helps in reduction of the chances of people getting affected by this cancer condition. Another procedure including the process of removing uterus, without ovaries, also works in the direction of risk reduction of ovary cancer. The procedure is termed as hysterectomy.

6. Consumption of fertility drug: Women who consume fertility drug were found to be under high risk of the disease. Fertility drug like the clomiphene citrate for more than a period of one year regularly can increase the chances of the individual suffering from ovarian cancer.