A lot of people are interested about the truth about the ovarian cancer survival rate. An important thing to keep in mind is early detection. This is vital in case you have a family history of cancer or cysts.

Even if there is no history of this kind, there are some things that you could do, like having a child at a relatively young age (20-35), breastfeeding, using contraception pills or opting for a hysterectomy.

Being diagnosed and knowing the rate of survival of ovarian cancer

For sure you have seen a lot of different websites with this topic, and if you have seen the survival rates as well, you may know that if the condition is treated at an early stage, the survival rates increase by a lot. Nonetheless only 25% of women get diagnosed early having the condition.

Ovarian Cancer Survival RateBelieve it or not, in this case the rate of survival of ovarian cancer is of about 90%. Still there are a lot of websites that don’t show this information because the majority of the women aren’t diagnosed that early, and their odds decrease dramatically.

Early detection and ovarian cancer survival rate

In case the patients wait until the symptoms of the condition are visible, most probably they won’t be able to be categorized among the 25%. In the majority of the cases women see a doctor if they observe that their abdomen is swollen.

This is one of the symptoms we have to consider when thinking about rate of survival of ovarian cancer, but still in many cases women think that what they have is less serious than ovarian cancer. Still if you have the slightest suspicion that you might have the condition, visit a doctor right away.

In case a patient has some family history of ovarian cancer, to increase her chances regarding ovarian cancer survival rate she should get tested as soon as possible especially in case there are some other worrisome symptoms as well.

Although there is testing to find the cancer, you should know that this isn’t 100% sure, and misdiagnosis could occur regarding the rate of survival of ovarian cancer.

On the other hand, if the diagnosis is correct, such a test could the element that saves the life of the patient in question.

The stage of cancer

This may be the most important factor regarding the ovarian cancer survival rate. As you might know there are several stages of the condition, and the later the stage of the patient is, the smaller the chances of survival are. So it is crucial to diagnose the condition fast, because the sooner the diagnosis is made, the bigger the chances of survival are.


A factor that influences the rate of survival of ovarian is the age of the patient. The older the patient is, the weaker her body becomes and so the chances of fighting the cancer are smaller.

There are numerous factors that influence the ovarian cancer survival rate, so don’t think that the rates you find are 100% accurate.