The fight that many women have ongoing with ovarian cancer may soon receive a considerable fillip: A drug that is being called the biggest breakthrough of this generation in the fight against ovarian cancer will soon become available.

Trails being conducted on the drug Avastin are offering hope that the drug will manage to prolong life of sufferers of ovarian cancer who are terminal or in their last stages. Avastin is already seen to be effective in treating other cancers such as cancers of the bowel as well as breast cancer.

This drug is seen to starve the cancer cells by restricting their blood supply so that they are not able to grow or flourish and may be even more effective it used in the earlier stages of the cancer to prevent its spread.

The drug is not cheap, however it is being seen as a very significant development in the field of ovarian cancer which has seen no particular advancement in over two decades, and is therefore a welcome advancement in this field.

This kind of female cancer is known as the silent killer because ovarian cancer exhibits few or no symptoms in the earlier stages and is therefore very difficult to detect and start treatment for.