Research has shown that ovarian cancer results in more death than breast cancer. In spite of this fact; you may hardly know anything about the symptoms of this fatal ovarian disease. The death rate of women due to ovarian cancer is so high, but still there is lack of common knowledge about it.

Ovarian cancer is only detected at a very late stage in most of the women and this gives rise to many myths. You are sure to hear many myths that revolve around the ovarian cancer. These myths need to be busted in order to create proper awareness among people and some of these common myths are given below:

myths about ovarian cancer

Myth 1

Smear Test Detects Ovarian Cancer: Most of the women think that, ovarian cancer can be detected through a cervical smear test. This is completely a false notion as a cervical smear helps to detect any abnormalities in the cervix. To find whether you are suffering from ovarian cancer, your doctor performs check up  pelvic area. You may have to undergo trans-vaginal ultrasound and blood tests. The blood test detects whether you have a higher level of CA125 in your blood stream. A higher range of CA125 is generally observed among the women with ovarian cancer.

Myth 2

Ovarian Cancer Hardly shows any Early Symptoms: The notion that ovarian cancer is a “silent killer” is nothing but a misnomer. You can feel early symptoms, but the problem is that those symptoms are taken as a pointer of other conditions. The symptoms which point out to the condition are bloating, pelvic discomfort, urinary urgency and many other problems related to pelvic. You ignore all these symptoms as minor problems and visit your gynaecologist only at the later stage.

Myth 3

Ovarian Cancer is related to Sexual Activity: The concept in the mind of women that ovarian cancer is influenced by sexual activity has no base at all. You may confuse between cervical cancer, which is caused due to HPV virus and ovarian cancer. Spread of HPV virus is associated with sexual activity and not the ovarian cancer.

Myth 4

Hysterectomy does not leave any chance: It is a belief that if you had a hysterectomy, you would never have ovarian cancer. This is never possible as in hysterectomy, your uterus is removed and rarely the ovaries. So there is always a fair chance that you may be detected with ovarian cancer.

Myth 5

Ovarian Cancer is always fatal: You are sure to die if you have ovarian cancer is completely a myth. Definitely it is fatal, but proper treatment with surgery and chemotherapy drugs is sure to increase the chances of survival.

Myth 6

Ovarian Cysts turns into Ovarian Cancer: Once you are diagnosed with ovarian cyst, you are sure to have cancer. This is just a myth as in most cases the cysts do not turn cancerous.

The above myths along with many other needs to be busted and that are only possible when you have complete knowledge about ovarian cancer. Know more about it and spread it to fight the common myths.