According to a new study, we may now have yet another reason to eat our fruits and vegetables, and that is in order to survive ovarian cancer.

According to a new study, if woman’s diet is rich in vegetables, fruit and grains, she has a better chance at surviving ovarian cancer.

The findings were made on the basis of questionnaires filled in by women who were diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer. They were asked to itemize what they ate in the years prior to when their diagnosis was made. In the categories and subcategories of meats, less healthy meat items included cured meats and red meat.fruits and vegetables

It was found that cruciferous vegetables (yellow vegetables and broccoli) were seen to be beneficial in improving ovarian cancer survival rates.

In contrast, unhealthy meats such as red meats and cured meats and milk and milk products were associated with shorter time of survival after diagnosis. Chicken and fish were not seen to make much of a difference either way.

Though not conclusive, what this study does is, it creates “a potential area for future research towards understanding disparities in the cancer survivorship experience”, one of the researchers was quoted as having said.

Source: latimes