When it comes to the causes of ovarian cancer the specialists have numerous theories. Some of them study the risk factors of the condition in order to find the triggers.

Some of the specialists say that there might be a connection between releasing the egg and the risk of being affected by the condition.

Causes of Ovarian Cancer

Risk factor as ovarian cancers’ causes

There are some known risk factors regarding the most common kind of ovarian cancer. Nonetheless there are some less common conditions like stromal tumors and germ cell tumors that may have some other risk factors as well.


Although we can’t really say that age is one of the ovarian cancer causes, it is a known fact that the majority of the ovarian cancers are found right after women enter menopause. About half of all these cancers are found in case of women older than 63 years.


It has been shown that the obese or overweight women have higher chances of being affected by cancer. According to a study conducted in this matter the rate of death caused by ovarian cancer is higher in case of obese women. In some cases this risk can be increased by 50% if the causes of ovarian cancer are present.


It looks like not having children is another one of the ovarian cancers’ causes. The chances of a women having cancer of this kind with no children is higher than in case of women who had children. Breast feeding could decrease the chances even more. If you take birth control pills for more than 5 years, the chances of ovarian cancer get even smaller.


Another thing you could do to avoid the causes of ovarian cancer is to have tube litigation. Another, more drastic solution might be to have your uterus removed without removing the ovaries.

Fertility drugs

According to some of the studies in case a woman takes clomiphene citrate for more than a year and no pregnancy occurs, the chances of being affected by ovarian cancer increases. As it has been mentioned before, not having children also it one of the ovarian cancers’ causes even without medication of this kind. This is why in case you are thinking about taking such drugs you should discuss the risks with your doctor.

Male hormones

Another one of the causes of ovarian cancer is to be taking male hormones, such as androgens. There are some other studies as well that are meant to do some research regarding this matter.

Hormone therapy

After menopause it is relatively common for women to have hormone therapy, but this is also one of the ovarian cancers’ causes. It looks like the women who take only estrogen are more likely to experience the signs of ovarian cancer. Naturally the hormone must be taken for a longer period of time.

Other causes of ovarian cancer include family history, genetic changes, breast cancer, talcum powder, diet, smoking and consumption of alcohol, just to mention a few.