The truth is that only a few women are actually talking about incontinence even if millions are affected in the US only. They may be looking for natural female incontinence treatment. Although medication and surgery can help with the problem too, it is always better to give the natural remedies a shot.

Natural Female Incontinence Treatment

Kegel exercises

The main point of these exercises is to train the muscles you use for controlling the flow of urine. These exercises are the most efficient during the early stages. In order to do the exercises efficiently you should talk to a physical therapist. He or she will be able to tell you how to perform the exercises and how often.


It is interesting to know about the natural incontinence treatment of women that the problem may be related to being overweight. Don’t forget that if you have belly fat, it puts pressure on the pelvic muscles and the bladder. If you lose a few pounds, it will be easier to control your bladder.


Training the bladder

Although this one of the natural female incontinence treatment may seem easy to use, you should know that it might be more difficult than it sounds. The main point is to put off going to the toilet by a few minutes. Start by delaying it with 10 minutes and then work yourself up from that starting point.


When looking for women’s natural incontinence treatment you should be thinking of magnesium which is vital for muscle functioning. According to some of the studies, magnesium can relieve the muscle spasms and it makes it possible for the bladder to empty completely.

Vitamin D

The women looking for natural female incontinence treatment ought to know that vitamin D makes it easier for calcium to be absorbed by the bones and it can also make incontinence better. One of the studies shows that the women who have vitamin D on a regular basis have smaller chances of being affected by pelvic muscle disorders.


It is interesting to know about the natural remedies of female incontinence that smoking women are more often affected by incontinence than their nonsmoker counterparts. This is because the smokers tend to cough more which is a risk factor in developing incontinence.

There are some other natural female incontinence treatment as well that may work out for you.