or a long time women have been looking for ways to enhance their breasts in different ways. Among them are natural breast enhancement pills.

So, some women wonder whether natural breast enhancement pills are as effective and efficient as the manufacturers claim.

How do the natural breast growth pills work?

There are a lot of companies that advertise on the internet. According to them their pills can increase the breast size by one or two sizes in only 90 days. These kinds of pills come with chemicals known as phyto estrogen.

natural-breast-enhancement-pillsThe companies say that these stimulate the receptors of estrogen in the breasts and so they get permanently enlarged.

When it comes to the natural pills for breast enhancement you should know that these phyto estrogens can be found in plant foods and they are something like the female hormone estrogen.

The tablets work by fooling the breasts into thinking that you got pregnant.

As a result of the natural breast enhancement pills the estrogen production of the body is stimulated just as estrogen production starts during pregnancy.

The breasts get enlarged just like when you get pregnant. Naturally you won’t produce milk and the enlargement is 85%-90% permanent.

What do the pills contain?

Usually the natural pills for breast growth come with plant extracts or a mixture of plant extracts. The parts of the plants include stalks, leaves and roots. The effects and strength of the parts can differ.

Although they are natural, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be careful with the pills. Although being natural, it’s not sure that they are safe to use.

The truth regarding the natural breast enhancement pills is that a lot of the modern medication started out as natural medication. The effects of the pills depend on the chemicals that can be found in the plants, the way the product is created and the kind of effect they have on the body. The combination of herbs depends on the manufacturer.

The ‘ingredients’ of the breast enhancement pills that are natural include fenugreek extract, wild yam extract, saw palmetto, Siberian ginseng root, Chinese red ginseng root, avenal satliva, cayenne fruit, astragalus root, fo ti root, Echinacea whole plant, guarana seed, golden seal root and panax ginseng extract and root.

There is a lot of research done regarding the natural breast enhancement pills and these study both the individual ingredients and the mixtures. However not all the combinations were studied until now. It is possible for the herbs to interact with each other and with the other medications that you are taking.

Research regarding breast enlargement pills that are natural

According to the studies conducted regarding the safety of the pills, a lot of ingredients have an effect on hormone production. However the majority of the studies don’t support the use of the pills, because there isn’t sufficient evidence regarding their safety.

It is up to you to decide whether you will use or not the different kinds of natural breast enhancement pills.