Meditation in the recent past is regarded to be amongst the substitute and supportive forms of therapies related to medicine especially for stress management. Stress is known to have become an unwanted reality in every individual’s life which is adversely affecting physical and mental health to a great extent.

It needs to be mentioned in this context that women suffer more from the factor of stress in comparison to the opposite gender as they are expected to equally balance both their personal and work life. Thus, it is imperative for women to fight stress by taming their minds rather than depending on medication.

meditation helps womenHow Meditation Affects Female Brain?

Women are more than often labeled as emotional being, which based on the finding of neuroscience, is a myth. Neuroscience states that there thus exist remarkable difference between the thinking pattern of men and women. However, women are more likely programmed to be controllers, creative thinkers, planners and decision makers.

Therefore, women tend to experience more stress owing to such system of brain functions. Meditation is the new buzz word which is being recommended by majority of doctors in order to fight stress.

Meditating not only helps in fighting stress, depression and anxiety but also keeps you at bay from other grave health related issues. Meditation helps in creating a profound state of composure devoid of any kind of anxiety, negative thoughts or depression. While practicing meditation, you need to focus your concentration and get rid of the torrent of disorderly thoughts occupying your mind which creates stress.

Meditation helps to Reduce Stress

Researches and various studies have successfully stated and highlighted the actuality that meditation helps in trimming down the levels related to the stress hormones. To be specific, while practicing meditation, the level of cortisol comes down and maintains such a controlled level even later.

Cortisol is identified to be quite a significant stress hormone. This particular hormone is believed to be present in the blood in lower amounts but in case of experiencing stress, the amount of cortisol produced is quite high. High amounts of cortisol generation causes or rather leaves you with unhealthy and repulsive outcomes.

Decrease in the stated stress hormones can be only ensured through mediation. It has been proved with the assistance of various studies that the phenomenon of meditation can boost the brainwave activity associated with theta and alpha which is further connected with the aspect of relaxation.

Other Health Benefits

Practicing meditation includes a number of health benefits especially for women:

  • Meditation helps in enhancing the quality of work for women as it fights stress and chases away all the unwanted and negative thoughts which are supposed to be a prime reason for losing focus on work
  • Meditation elevates  your threshold for the factor of stress which ensure to simplify the dieting procedure along with calming your mind
  • Mediation to some extent helps in managing or controlling positive emotions and even complicated thoughts
  • Meditation boosts the activity related to the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ specially the heart and the lungs which further aids in controlling your functions in relation to rest-and-digest
  • Meditation is also considered to be quite a good remedy for individuals suffering from arthritis and aids them deal with stress in an enhanced manner