In the majority of cases those women who are breastfeeding, are looking for mastitis treatment. This is an infection of the breast tissue that leads to swelling, pain, redness and warmth of the breast. In case you are affected by the infection, then you could also have chills and fever.

Treatment for mastitis


In order to get rid of the infection, most likely you will have to take antibiotics for 10-14 days. Most probably you will see the effects of the medication 24-48 hours after you have started taking it, but it is important to go on with the course to make sure that the infection won’t recur.

Self-care remedies

When thinking about treatment for mastitis you should know that there are some things you could do to make your condition better.

Consider having more rest, drinking more fluids, and go on breastfeeding. Another thing that you could do is to empty the milk from your breast frequently.

In case your baby doesn’t want to use the affected breast then you should use a breast pump or use your hand to empty the breast. Meanwhile make sure that you go on with the mastitis treatment.

Adjustments for your technique

It is important to make sure that during feeding the breast will get fully emptied and that the little one has a correct latch. These are important factors in avoiding mastitis. In case you talk to your doctor about treatment for mastitis, most likely he or she will review your technique. Also he or she might suggest that you see a lactation consultant for further support.

Leaves and flowers

In case you are thinking about mastitis treatment at home, then you may want to try applying on the affected area some calendula flowers and comfrey leaves.

The best thing you could do is to have hot applications about four times per day to soothe the nipples.

This treatment for mastitis works by clearing out the infection and unblocking the ducts and tubes. In order to make the poultice you should add the leaves and flowers to the blender along with a bit of flour and water so that you will achieve a gel. Then place the gel into cotton and warm it up.

Cabbage leaves

Another kind of mastitis treatment is to apply raw cabbage leaves right on the infected nipple. This will help you get a cool feeling and it can also take care of the infection. In the moment when the leaves become warm they should be changed. The treatment is efficient at the onset of the infection.

Echinacea root

This is a different kind of treatment for mastitis. You should be using full droppers about six times a day until the fever is gone. After that it is enough to use less of it until the symptoms disappear.

As you can see, there is a suitable mastitis treatment for everybody, and you can find a solution in case you are a fan of the home remedies too.