People usually get a bad feeling when they hear about cancer. However, they should remember that many types of cancers have treatment options. The good news is that the treatment for lung cancer in women offers the best chance of survival in case of this common type of cancer.

Treatment for Lung Cancer in Women

Women’s Lung Cancer Treatment

The treatment options depend on whether we are talking about NSCLC or SCLC. Naturally the doctors also have to consider the stage of the tumor. The most common treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy

If you are looking for the cure of women’s lung cancer you should know that the chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cure only a small number of people. The main point of these treatments is to shrink the tumor and to prolong the patients’ life.

Further Information about Treatment

Although radiation therapy and chemotherapy can’t always cure the cancer, they are efficient in making the symptoms better. If the NSCLC is inoperable, it is usually treated by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In case of early stage SCLC the standard treatment plan is to have chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the same time.

The Brain

When it comes to the women’s lung cancer cure you should know that if the brain isn’t affected by the tumor, it is possible for it to be treated with radiation therapy to make sure that the cancer won’t spread there as well. The good news is that the rate of response of the tumors to chemotherapy and radiation therapy is relatively high.


In case you are interested in the treatment for lung cancer in women, it is good to know that this is the best option for the people with early stage of NSCLC. The bad news is that in about 60% of the cases the cancer is metastatic and surgery is not an option.

Things to know

During the surgery it is possible for a portion or a full lobe to be removed and in some cases the doctors need to remove the entire lung. All this depends on the size of the tumor and how much it has spread. The size of the tumor removed is in many cases decisive for the survival rate. In order to find out more about the treatment for lung cancer in women it is best to talk to a specialist. He or she will be able to tell you more about the specific characteristics of your case.