T the lung cancer signs and symptoms in women could be different from that of the signs and symptoms of men.

It is possible that the symptoms will be more subtle, like shortness of breath, or vague, such as fatigue.

Lung-Cancer-Signs-and-Symptoms-in-WomenWhy are women’s lung cancer signs and symptoms different?

The most common kinds of lung cancer are different when reported to gender and this is where the origins of the differences lie. Just as you might have thought, the different kinds of cancer cause different kinds of symptoms, so it is natural that women and men show different signs.

Another reason for the different signs and symptoms of women’s lung cancer is that there are more women who don’t smoke but who get affected by the problem than non-smoking men. The most common kinds of lung cancer developed by smokers are different from the kinds of lung cancer developed by non-smokers.

The lung cancer signs and symptoms in women

About 80% of the lung cancer cells are represented by non-small cells. When it comes to non-small cell kinds of lung cancers you should know that we know of three main kinds: squamous cell carcinoma, lung adenocarcinoma, and also large cell carcinoma.

Information about women’s lung cancer symptoms and signs

In case of men, the most common type of lung cancer is the squamous cell cancer. These carcinomas grow near the airways and so the disease shows symptoms at the early stages as well. These include chronic cough, infections and coughing up blood or even lung collapse.

On the other hand, when it comes to the lung cancer signs and symptoms in women, the most common type of cancer of this kind is adenocarcinoma. These adenocarcinomas usually grow on the outer part of the lungs. The carcinomas can grow very fast and very large even before they show any symptoms.

The most common symptoms and signs of women’s lung cancer include shortness of breath that usually appears gradually and that is usually dismissed thinking that it is caused by inactivity or age. Shoulder and back pain is another symptom that is caused by the pressure that the cancer puts on the nerves.

Usually in case of the lung cancer signs and symptoms in women the chest pain gets worse when taking deep breaths. This happens because the tumors found on the outside of the lungs irritate the membranes causing pain when taking a breath. Fatigue is also a common symptom of the disease.
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