The women interested in the lower back pain endometriosis symptoms should know that in many cases the back pain and endometriosis go hand in hand. If you have endometriosis, the period cramps will gradually worsen and you could also be affected by headaches, depression, anxiety, infertility, fatigue and irregular periods.

Lower Back Pain Endometriosis Symptoms

Lower Back Pain

The most common symptom of the condition is lower back pain. In order to make it better, there are several things that you might try including exercises, medication, stretches and massage. If you are affected by back pain, it is important to keep an eye out for the other possible symptoms as well.

Understanding the Problem

It is important to treat the problem as soon as possible. The problem has four stages: the first one is benign, the second one appears in the endometrium and the ovaries, the third is a moderate stage and the fourth is the most serious one.

Things to Know

All women ought to know what endometriosis means: it means that the tissue of the uterine lining is growing somewhere outside the uterus. The tissue is often found on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, in the pelvic cavity or on the outer surface of the intestines or of the uterus.

Who gets Affected

The problem usually affects women in their childbearing years. It normally affects women between the ages of 25 and 35, but there have been some cases when 11 or 12 years old girls have been affected. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell whether or when a woman will be affected by it.


When it comes to the lower back pain endometriosis symptoms it is good to know that this is a progressive disease which can lead to dyspareunia, infertility, dysmenorrhea and severe back pain. The source of the problem can be found with the help of a laparoscopy. Although medication can be used to make the symptoms better, surgery may have a better result.


It is important to know about the warning signs of endometriosis such as lower back pain that, at the moment, there is no cure to the problem.

Those experiencing the lower back pain endometriosis symptoms should ask their doctor about the best course of action.