Reactions to the health reform bill that was passed in Congress has been described as having extremely far reaching consequences for the average American, with many extreme views being expressed; both positive and negative.

While many have lambasted it as being against the long term interests of women’s health, others have lauded it.

women's healthThose that support the bill as being beneficial for women’s health are of the view:

  • Under the revised system, women will have increased maternity services and better working conditions for nursing mothers.
  • They will enjoy better access to family planning services.
  • They will have lower insurance premiums and easier access to insurance since insurance companies will not be able to deny insurance based on pre-existing conditions (women cannot be denied now because of domestic violence or previous C sections as has been the case).
  • According to Planned Parenthood Vice President Laurie Rubiner, the health reform bill is a net gain for women.
  • The lower income group of women stands to gain by this legislation.
  • The bill that was passed permits insurance plans to offer abortion coverage if paid with a separate check.
  • Women will enjoy guarantee coverage for pap smears and mammograms.

Source: US News


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