When was the last time you had a Pap Smear? Did your gynecologist tell you she found small white button like structures just at the opening of your cervix? That is probably a nabothian cyst, a mucus filled lump found on the surface covering the opening of the cervix, partial or total.

pap smearNabothian cysts should not really be a scare, at least if it sure is one.

Your gynecologist will be accurate in telling you that, once the result of the Pap smear is released and says benign squamous epithelial cells.

This type of cyst usually appears as a result of mucus build up in the plugged cervical glands. They don’t usually have any symptoms and are only accidentally discovered during a routine pelvic exam.

If the gynecologist is in doubt of her findings and suspects cancer cells, the fluid may be drained and a biopsy is usually performed. Another test that can be done inside the clinic to complement the Pap result is the acetic acid test.

This simple procedure is done right after the Pap test, where a 3-5% acetic acid solution is washed through the cervix using a cotton swab or syringe. Then after one minute the appearance of the cervix is examined for color changes.

If the cervix appears pinkish and smooth with no aceto-white areas, the result is interpreted as Acetic acid test – negative. But, if the cervix appears swollen and bleeds, with the appearance of aceto-white areas it is interpreted as Acetic acid test – positive. A positive result will require further evaluation and management.

Once a nabothian cyst is confirmed, treatment is not necessary, unless it is large enough to cause discomfort or cause problems during a cervical examination, a simple cautery can be done to remove it.