Radiation therapy is often used to treat uterine cancer, but according to the latest studies in the field, this type of treatment could lead to bladder cancer. This is why it is vital for the doctors to monitor their patients for the signs of bladder cancer to ensure treatment and early diagnosis.

Increasing Risk of Bladder Cancer Post Uterine Cancer Treatment with Radiotherapy

Uterine Cancer

The sad truth is that uterine cancer is the fourth most common kind of cancer in the U.S. and about 50,000 women get diagnosed with the disease on a yearly basis. Besides surgery, about 38% of patients also have radiation therapy in order to decrease the chances of recurrence.

The Studies

The studies tell us that the women who have radiation therapy in case of uterine cancer, just like the man who have radiation therapy in case of prostate cancer, have high risks of having bladder cancer at a later stage. In order to find out more about the matter, the researchers handled the case of 56,600 patients who have been diagnosed having uterine cancer between 1980 and 2005.

The Results

The researchers followed each case for 15 years. According to their observations the women who had uterine cancer and that have been treated with radiation therapy were twice as likely to develop bladder cancer as the women who didn’t have radiation therapy.

Bladder Cancer

According to the observations of the specialists the bladder cancer that develops as a result of pelvic radiation is more aggressive and it has more stages and grades. However, the specialists have also found that the grades and stages are similar to the grades and stages of the women who didn’t receive radiation therapy.

Raising Awareness

It is important to keep the health care providers well informed. All the doctors who have patients with a history of uterine cancer and radiation therapy should keep an eye out or the signs of bladder cancer. There is need for proper clinical evaluation in order to reach an early diagnosis that can improve the everyday life of the target group.

In case you belong to this group of women and if your doctor doesn’t check for the signs of bladder cancer, you should talk to him or her and ask them to evaluate your health state. It is best to get evaluated on a regular basis so in case there is something wrong because the specialists will be able to find the problem fast and they will be able to take measures.