Systemic candidiasis is a quite common condition caused by fungal infections and it is common illness in case of people with HIV.

Although it is quite common, it is usually the first illness that people infected with HIV have to deal with. It also shows that their illness is advancing to a more severe stage.

The candidiasis illness can occur in the throat, mouth, windpipe, skin and even the vagina and it could also spread through the entire body. Although it happens rarely, the disease could become life threatening.

Systemic CandidiasisMajority of the people get the infection in their mouth or the vagina and in case of HIV infected women the recurrence and the difficulty to treat vaginal yeast infections and a sure sign that their illness is progressing.

The systemic candidiasis is caused by the fungus called ‘Candida’ that is usually found in small amounts in the mouth, digestive tracts, skin and vagina. In case of the healthy peoplethe immune system and the other kinds of bacteria prevent the fungus to cause any problems.

If the immune system is weak, it is easy for Candida to cause an illness. The risk of getting infected with the candidiasis illness is increased by diabetes, pregnancy, iron, vitamin B12 or zinc deficiency, folate and also the use of antihistamines.

Systemic candidiasis in the vagina

This infection is also known as yeast infection or vaginitis. It actually is an infection of the vulva and/or the vagina. This results in a thick, smelly yellow discharge that could also come with itching, swelling and burning. In case of a severe infection, it might be difficult to walk, urinate or have sex.

Candidiasis infection in the mouth

This is also called thrush and it involves the mouth and in some cases the throat also. In some cases it is possible not to have any symptoms of the infection at all. Nonetheless the common symptoms include a feeling of discomfort in the mouthand throat, an altered sense of taste and also burning. It is also common to have some white or yellowish spots or coating in the mouth and throat.

Systemic candida in the throat

In case of the throat and the windpipe the infection is called esophageal infection and it should be taken seriously. Usually it occurs together with thrush. There are some common symptoms such as chest pain, pain when swallowing and nausea. Also in this case coatings could appear. The infection is dangerous because it could spread to the stomach and the intestines.

Candidiasis infection of the skin

The infection of the skin usually appears at the armpits, groin and under the breasts. This kind of infection is also known as cutaneous candidiasis. Because of this you might observe a bright red uneven eruption of the folds of skin. This could also be coated and there could be a sensation of burning. As you can see the infection with candidiasis isn’t something pleasant, and some cases of systemic candidiasis could be quite dangerous regarding the overall health.