Now-a-days, millions of women are suffering with improper functioning of thyroid gland, which is medically termed as hypothyroidism.

It has been estimated that almost 20% of all women aged over 60 are suffering with sub-clinical condition of hypothyroidism.

Usually, most of you can experience the same symptoms of menopause, even with this hypothyroidism unknowingly.

So, it can become a bit difficult for many experts to identify the condition of hypothyroidism. With proper diagnosis and performing various clinical tests, the job of identifying this improper functioning of thyroid gland becomes much easier.hypothyroidism

Pregnancy can have major impact on hypothyroidism in women!

Pregnancy is considered as the major factor, which can significantly increase the risk of hypothyroidism in most of the women. During pregnancy, your body can undergo many hormonal changes including the thyroid hormone levels.

Due to this change in the hormone levels, your body can be affected in many ways. For instance, the requirements for iodine will be greatly increased both for the mother as well as for the fetus.

Certain changes in the levels of your reproductive hormones are also responsible for altering the levels of thyroid hormones; as a result it can lead to hypothyroidism in you. In addition to this, some of you typically tend to develop certain antibodies to your own thyroid gland, during your pregnancy phase, which can actually result in a condition called postpartum auto-immune thyroiditis.

However, this condition of developing antibodies on their own thyroid gland can occur only up to 10% of all pregnant women and usually tends to develop during 4 and 12 months after delivery.

Hypothyroidism and menopause!

Almost 20% of all menopausal women are actually diagnosed with this thyroid dysfunction. Hypothyroidism in often overlooked in menopausal stages as the symptoms of both the conditions are rather similar [Symptoms of menopause].

For most of you, in your late 30’s or even 40’s, hypothyroidism can become the better indication for your peri menopausal stage.

Breast cancer associated with thyroid dysfunction!

Breast cancer! It is usually believed that hypothyroidism is often related with the breast cancer, but till now there is no clear evidence for this link. Some of the experts believe that women suffering with breast cancer can be at higher risks of developing hypothyroidism [Types of breast cancer].

In contrast to this, some of the studies actually indicate that this improper functioning of this thyroid gland can itself protect you against the breast cancer.

So, whenever you suspect that you are experiencing this abnormal functioning of thyroid gland, try to consult your general physician and get better treatment at right time.