Some of the health care specialists believe that certain kinds of cancer, such as breast, colon, and prostate have something do to with the intake of dietary fat. While a lot of people blamed diets high in fat, the truth is that the kind of fat that we have may be the faulty party.

Olive Oil Prevents Breast Cancer

Olive Oil

According to the studies of cancer incidents the rate of cancer patients in Spain, Greece, and Italy is a lot lower than in the other parts of Europe and this might be because the majority of the households are using olive oil. Although this is a controversial theory, the women who have a Mediterranean diet do have lower risks of breast cancer.

Oleic Acid

This is the most important monounstaturated fat of olive oil. The researchers show that it can decrease the size of tumors in laboratory settings. In the same time, when the scientists mixed olive oil with the most common cancer drug, the oil enhanced the effectiveness of the drug.

Saturate Fat

The studies show that the more saturated fat women have, the higher their chances of being affected by breast cancer. However, the there is an inverse relationship between oleic acid intake and women’s chances of cancer: the more oleic acid women have, the smaller their chances of breast cancer.

Controversial Results

Even though we would like to believe the latest conclusions of the specialists, we also have to take into consideration the findings of another study that reached opposite results: the more oleic acid women have, the greater the chances become for them to be affected by breast cancer radiation.

Further Studies

It is clear that there is need for further studies to find out more about the relationship between oleic acid and breast cancer. Until then you have to make sure that you have olive oil only in moderation, so that you won’t increase your chances of breast cancer, but you don’t have to give it up entirely.

Other Considerations

It is a known fact that olive oil has many different health benefits. Some specialists claim that it can help with diabetes as well. So why couldn’t it cure breast cancer? If it is good for one health issue, how come it is so dangerous for the overall health?

Make sure that you don’t cut olive oil from your diet because you might be making a huge mistake; just wait for more convincing results.