There are a lot of different reasons for which you should find out how do you get a yeast infection. One of them is that in case you have recurrent infection if you find out the cause of it you won’t have to worry to kill the bacteria every single time. Also if you know what to be looking for then you could kill the infection before it gets serious.

When thinking about contracting a yeast infection you should know that it is caused by Candida albicans. This is one of the few kinds of bacteria that can be normally found in the vagina. In some cases they overgrow and then they cause an infection. There are several factors that could lead to an infection.

Antibiotics and contracting a yeast infection

how-do-you-get-a-yeast-infectionTaking antibiotics is part of the main reasons of the infection. In the majority of the cases women have problems only with certain kinds of antibiotics or long antibiotics treatments.

Still it is also possible to get an infection every time you are taking the medication. This is because the antibiotics kill the good and the bad bacteria in the same time.


When thinking about how do you get a yeast infection you should also consider the clothing that you are wearing.

The infection could be supported by tight clothing, clothing that isn’t made of cotton or clothing that isn’t clean. The clothing could trap the heat, creating moisture.

In order to avoid contracting a yeast infection you would better opt for underwear made of cotton and alternate the tight jeans and the loose clothing, so that your skin will be able to breathe from time to time. Another thing that you may want to consider is not sleeping in your underwear. If you do then you should wear clean underwear.

In case you are wondering how do you get a yeast infection, you should know that it is possible for yeast to be living in your underwear and this is why it is so important to wash it well, especially after an infection.


Different kinds of dyes, inks and perfumes could lead to contracting a yeast infection. One of the examples that you could be thinking about is the commercial douche that you can find in stores. They are relatively expensive and they could turn out to be harmful for the bacteria in the vagina.

Also when considering how do you get a yeast infection, you should also have in mind that the harmful products could destroy the balance of the vagina as well as damage the mucus of the vagina. Believe it or not, the infection could also be caused by perfumed toilet paper.

If you think this is your case regarding contracting a yeast infection, then you would better opt for the unscented, un-dyed paper. It would be even better to go for a green and unbleached kind of paper. In the same manner there are some detergents that will make your laundry a source of infection.


A lot of women don’t think about them when asking how do you get a yeast infection, but you should know that there are two different ways in which they could cause an infection. There are some brands that come with lubricant and spermicide that is meant to kill the HIV virus.

Although they make it more difficult to contract HIV, contracting a yeast infection becomes a lot easier. If this is your case then you should opt for a different brand that doesn’t have this kind of lubricant. The other way to get infected is to develop a latex allergy.


When asking how do you get a yeast infection you may also be thinking about your diet. Some women say that if they don’t consume foods that come with yeast, they don’t get infected that often. This is something strange because the yeast found in foods is totally different from the one affecting women.

In case you are interested in ways for contracting a yeast infection then you should know that the source of it could be hormones, an injury, sexual transmission or a weakened immune system too. There are a lot of questions to ask besides how do you get a yeast infection.