Hormonal changes affect almost people, male or female, young and old.  Yet, these changes are often associated with women and menopause. Contrary to this popular misconception, women do not only undergo hormonal imbalance of changes during menopause period but almost all through their life, at different intervals and age brackets.

hormonal imbalance symptoms in women

The hormonal changes have now started affecting women who are in their mid-30s and this can be due to the changes in lifestyle, diet and the toxins we are exposed to everyday.

While some hormonal imbalance symptoms difficult to identify, some of them can be easily recognized. The following are the most evident hormonal imbalance symptoms in women:

Persistent gain of weight

It’s true that excessive and persistent weight gain can happen due to lifestyle and dietary factors, but even hormonal fluctuations can lead to this.  Many underlying hormonal imbalances can lead to gain of weight in females and in this case, it would prove difficult for them to reduce or maintain a constant weight.

Low libido

One of the common signs of hormonal imbalance is disturbed sleep which further leads to low libido. This happens because loss of sleep results in low sexual hormone production in women.

Loss of muscle mass and belly fat

Sometimes when the endocrine system of the body of females is under stress, it may lead to underproduction of certain hormones and the overproduction of certain others.  Due to this imbalance of hormones, a female might gain a lot of belly fat and lose muscle mass.

Unexplained sweating

If a female has been experiencing unexplained sweating, then this might just be an indication of hormonal imbalance.  Hot flashes as well as night sweats are common in the case of fluctuations of hormones inside a female’s body.

Fatigue, anxiety, depression

Many times, women who are undergoing certain type of a hormonal imbalance may experience fatigue, depression and even unexplained anxiety.  She may feel overworked and stressed out due to no reason in particular when the hormones go up and down.


Another symptom of hormonal imbalance in females is cravings. In this case, a woman can try to minimize dairy products, alcohol and wheat in order to control the cravings which might lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Poor sleep patterns

Hormonal imbalances may make it difficult for a woman to fall asleep in the night or get proper sleep. She may experience poor sleeping patterns leading to excessive tiredness.