Today being the hundredth International Women’s Day, we wonder why a day such as this is still important. Women of the first world are empowered and enabled in ways we could not have dreamed for when it was first instituted for reasons for better pay, working conditions and voting rights. Those same issues exist unchanged for women to a large extent in countries from where a lot of products that that we consume are produced.

In this connection the HER (Health Enables Returns)) Project assumes great significance, which is a way for health care to reach working women who are not often the first priority for the health care systems of their countries. This project is aimed at 50,000 women in countries such as china, Egypt and India.

It is not just social empowerment that better health care for women can bring about; this also makes economic sense. According to statistics, among those companies who have invested in programs covering women’s health, many have noted significantly improved profit margins.

Targeting women’s health is a way for societies to bring about social and economic change, and even grow leaders. On this significant day, let us pause and give thought to health and other concerns of women less fortunate than us; and support initiatives such as HER and others.

Source: Huffington Post