When studying the women’s health issue called hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, you should know that a cyst is a fluid filled sac with thin walls that can be found inside or on the ovaries.

It is also possible for the cyst to have semi-solid or gaseous substances.

These cysts usually appear during the childbearing years of women and normally they are harmless.

Complex ovarian cyst

This is one of the common types of ovarian cyst. In this case the walls of the cyst are lined with blood vessels. If these rupture, they could fill the sac with blood. In case the cyst ruptures the blood could get inside the ovary. They are known as hemorrhagic cysts because they release and contain blood.

hemorrhagic-ovarian-cystIn the majority of the cases the complex ovarian cysts don’t burst but they could leak blood. As a result the affected women could experience pain in the pelvic region.

The women who are affected by the problem could notice that they have irregular periods, pain during intercourse and pain in the pelvic region.

In case the hemorrhagic ovarian cyst grows to large sizes or if it bursts the pain associated with it increases dramatically. In this case your doctor may ask for an MRI or sonography.

Further steps will be taken according to the results of the tests. In order to control the cysts, the doctors usually suggest birth control pills.

In some cases of ovarian cysts that are hemorrhagic the birth control pills may not have the desired results and in this case the doctor could suggest the surgical removal of the cyst.


Usually the hemorrhagic ovarian cyst appears during a menstrual cycle. In order for them to take shape there must be a minor dysfunction. Remember that in the majority of the cases they aren’t associated with cancer. Usually the affected women don’t see any signs of the cyst and they may not know that they have it.

Symptoms of blood cysts

The symptoms that have been mentioned before appear as a result of the growth of the cyst. The cysts are very common and they could disappear on their own even before women realize that they have one. Nonetheless in some cases the cysts go on growing and they cause bothersome symptoms.

Treatment options for hemorrhagic ovarian cyst

If you suspect that you have any kind of cyst it is important for your doctor to see you to determine the size and type of the cyst. According to this he or she will decide upon the treatment applied. As it has been mentioned before it could be enough to start taking birth control pills.

If you have a hematocyst and you would like to get pregnant, this is only a temporary solution for you. Also remember that the prescribed treatments only hide the problem but they don’t actually take care of it.

As you can see it’s not the end of the world to have a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst but you should definitely seek medical help in this case.