When considering the most common health issues of women you should know that women live about 6.3 years longer than men.

However, only 2.5 years of these years are disability free.

Although women have longer lives, that doesn’t mean that they are healthier. There are some common issues that affect a lot of women.

Lung and breast cancer as women’s health issues

Cancer is the most common condition of them all. About 40% of all women are affected by it at some point during their lives. Most probably you know that breast cancer is in the attention of women.

 Health Issues for Women

This is because it is the most common kind of cancer in their case. According to statistics, the chances of being affected by it are one in eight and one in 29 women die from it.

However there is also some good news regarding this one of the health problems of women: less and less women are affected by it and more and more women survive it.

Nonetheless the same thing isn’t true for lung cancer . Each year more women are affected by it, almost as many as men.

Statistically speaking regarding this one of the health issues of women, one in 15 women are affected and one in 17 dies from it.

The good news is that it can be prevented by not smoking and avoiding second hand smoking. In order to minimize your risks you should have plenty of fruits and vegetables and exercise on a regular basis.

Cardiovascular diseases

Every ten minutes someone dies because of this health problem, and as you may have guessed, the majority of these people are women.

Cardiovascular disease means stroke, heart disease, and the disease of the blood vessels. The truth is that in case of women the warning signs are more difficult to recognize.

Usually the warning signs of this are more subtle. This is why women should be more careful about their health. They should also know about the possible risk factors, such as family history. There are also some steps you could take for your health, like having a healthy diet and exercise.

Type 2 diabetes

The truth is that there are a lot of cases that aren’t diagnosed yet. It is possible for a person to live with the condition for 7 years without it being diagnosed. The situation is getting even worse because of obesity, aging population and the sedentary lifestyles.

Those affected by this live less than the other people. Also they are more likely to be affected by other chronic conditions as well. About 80% of the patients die because of a stroke or heart attack. A disadvantage of this one of the health conditions of women is that there could be some other complications as well, such as blindness.

Now, you can see why knowing about the health issues of women is so important.