Irrespective of our age we behave like children under a Christmas tree every time we receive a gift. While giving away a gift we consider both the needs and desires of the person receiving it as well as try to keep it as original as possible.

One of the best ways to present someone a gift is to reflect the importance of health, fitness, and fun and give them something that will inspire them to be fit and energetic.

Most of these items that you can wrap up and put under the tree or in those stockings this year are not just reasonably priced but are also easily available in the market and online. So go ahead and treat your ‘health conscious’ friend, family or yourself with that change. Here are a few healthy gift categories:

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1. Healthy Food

Indulge your friends and family members in a basket full of assorted fruits. It looks great and can be very colorful and is easy to pack. This will show your dedication and thoughtfulness and contribute a healthy amount of vitamins and fibre to your loved ones. To add a little twist you can always stack up a supply of flavored water, healthy organic seeds for salad dressing, vegan and organic protein bars, and low calorie chocolates too.

2. Gyms and Clubs

If you want your gift to be more exciting and fun oriented then get your loved ones enrollment deals and coupons to several fitness classes. It can range from healthy culinary to extreme and fun dancing you can take your pick. However, you can go one step further by enrolling them in a gym or a health club or giving them a home workout kit if you can afford to without seeming too aggressive. If you chose to be more subtle wrap up funky gym equipment or gadgets that can really inspire and encourage someone towards a healthier lifestyle like a fitness tracker band, a multi-sport GPS watch, or an activity and sleep monitoring device.

3. Gift Vouchers

You can also choose from a range of gift vouchers from various health and lifestyle brands to give them more freedom in choosing for themselves.

4. Sports Items

For the young and sporty ones you can opt for sport equipment too, encouraging them to embrace an active recreation. You can also wrap up a pair of hiking boots, running trainers, funky jumpers or even a bike to inspire some adventure in them.

5. Beauty Products

For the more beauty conscious ones gifts like fun flavored organic lip balms or organic perfumes and other vegan and organic body products are just perfect.

6. Spa

Get that ‘ever so busy’ family member or friend of yours a day to take it easy. Give them a spa day to enable them to relax, unwind and pamper themselves.

7. Kitchen Appliances

Blenders and juicers can be a great choice of gift too as a kitchen item for making healthy juice, smoothies, and soups. A healthy food recipe book or guide can also be a useful gift for those with kids or expecting mothers. Other novelty kitchen items that can be cool and healthy are glass water bottles and straws to do away with those unreliable synthetic and plastic ones, food dehydrator to make raw snacks and food leathers, and pressure cooker for time saving healthy cooking.

Food warming pots to carry homemade healthy lunch to office or even to picnics are great too as it can be plugged in the car preventing food to be microwaved. Silicone and stainless steel drink top for easy drinking, nut milk bags for straining nuts and seeds, and lemon squeezers can be really handy too.

Besides these you can always buy one of those several options of assorted healthy item baskets easily available in the market. So go ahead and spoil yourself and the ones around you this holiday with healthy options.

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