Women often have to deal with fishy vaginal odor which is usually a smell that is peculiar to them. They want to get rid of it fast, although there are no common treatments that lead to instant results. The reason for this is that there may be different reasons for the vaginal odor and attempting to douche or wash the area might not help at all.

The main reasons behind a fishy vaginal smell are bacterial vaginosis or an imbalance of the bacteria. This is not strictly an infection, although a reduction of natural yeasts which compensate for the bacteria in your body.

Handing the fishy vaginal odor

Fishy Vaginal Odor

One of the principal ways of  women may also be faced with a fishy vaginal odor when they are besotted with STD or sexually transmitted diseases such as trichomonas vaginitis.

In this disease, the odor can be complemented with itching and mucus which is green or yellow in color. The condition may be prevented by the use of condoms.dealing with this state is not through douching because it augments the effects of bacterial vagin

osis. Hence, women should pay a visit to their doctor and receive antibiotics so as to decrease the amount of bacteria and bring on the natural balance of the vagina.

Once the doctor suspects trichomonas vaginitis, the condition should be addressed with antibiotics. There are other sexually transmitted diseases which can lead to the fishy vaginal smell and this is why it is important to get suitable diagnosis before any particular form of treatment is diagnosed.

At times, having an opposite imbalance might lead to yeast infections in the vaginal area of women.

It might give the vagina yeast like odor and while the levels of bacteria might not be too high, it is replaced by levels of natural yeast. The condition can be naturally treated with OTC anti fungal agents to reduce the balance of the yeasts to normal.

One of the primary issues of treating the bacterial or yeast infections is that the fishy vaginal odor might lead to other forms of imbalances. The case is especially true during the usage of antibiotics since they lead to yeast based infection. Women may have lowered chances of developing fishy vaginal smells by following a yogurt based diet when they are on antibiotics.

However, they should watch out for the presence of yeast infections after taking a course of antibiotic medication to ensure that they have not contracted a yeast infection.

Other causes of developing a fishy smell can be leaving a tampon or pad in that region which may lead to an infection and create a bad odor. Women with stress incontinence may stain their innerwear with urine which might be transferred into the pubic hairs to create urine like smell. In this case, Kegel exercises can help you get rid of the fishy vaginal odor by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

If there is a gap between the anus and the vagina (which is a rare problem during childbirth), fecal matter is found in the vagina, causing the smell. Make sure you have a doctor’s prescription before undergoing treatment.