Having fibroids can be a problem if you are a woman who wants to become pregnant.

These fibroid tumors can attach themselves to your uterine or abdominal cavity and even inside your uterus’s walls.

Fibroid tumors can be found in singles or clusters. They are usually found to be a benign tumor but some fibroids can cause certain complications.

Some abdominal and uterine fibroids do not have any symptoms while others have a wide range. These types of tumors are more dominant in a woman that is premenopausal, overweight, and ethnic. But they can happen in any woman.fibroid tumors

Symptoms and effects of Fibroid Tumors

You may find that you are going to the bathroom more often than usual when you have fibroid tumors. Also you may have symptoms of constipation that could be very uncomfortable for you.

Bleeding can be another problem with fibroid tumors and this can cause you to develop anemia.

These problems come from the size of the fibroid tumor, how many tumors that you have, and where your tumors are located. Sometimes these fibroid tumors can affect your uterine cavity. Fibroid tumors are a cause of infertility in some cases.

Medical Therapy

Progesterone therapy is one medical therapy that your physician may consider if you have fibroid tumors. Your physician will usually start you off with a high dose.

It may take several months for the fibroids to be consumed by your body. This type of therapy will relieve your pain and will help you with severe bleeding.

Myolysis Treatment for Fibroids

Myolysis is a treatment that is performed using a laser. Sometimes it is performed also with bipolar needles. These treatments will affect the blood flow of your fibroid tumors and will help them to disappear.

Your physician may use another treatment with myolysis to help prevent the bleeding that can come from these fibroids.

Increased Risk with Fibroids

It is sad to say but having fibroid tumors while you are pregnant can somewhat increase your chances of having a miscarriage. Sometimes they can even cause preterm labor.

Usually though you will not be able to tell if you have the fibroids while you are pregnant unless they become too large. Then this could cause you some complications. These large sized tumors can block your labor from happening if the large tumor is in the birth canal.

Myomectomy and Fibroids

It is not uncommon for your physician to send you to a surgeon if all other treatments fail. A surgeon will surgically remove all of your fibroid tumors but it will leave your uterus intact.

Usually this surgery is done using laparotomy. There are other surgeries that your surgeon may want to try such as endoscopic and hysteroscopic myomectomy.

If you get pregnant after one of these procedures your physician will probably recommend that you deliver your baby by cesarean section.

Treatments should take care of these fibroid tumors so that you will be able to get pregnant and have a beautiful baby.