Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors, which are found in the uterus or other muscle tissues.

They are caused by a variety of factors such as poor digestion, lack of physical activity, poor diet, increased levels of stress and toxins.

Fibroids can not only be removed by undergoing surgery, but also with the help of a massage.

During the technique, the therapist’s hands move slowly across your abdomen and lower back to soften the muscles and to reposition the uterus to its normal size.massage

The uterus becomes distorted or misshaped due to the presence of fibroids, which results in prolonged or painful menstruation [menstrual cramps]and often accompanies fibroids.

  • Undergoing deep tissue massage helps to remove the toxins from the tissues and muscles through sweating and urination.
  • Massage improves the circulation. Fibroids are mainly caused by poor circulation and lack of physical activity. Massage can greatly adjust them by enhancing the circulation.
  • An ayurvedic massage with the right herbal oils can create heat and friction that cleanses the tissues of impurities. Also, oils help to nourish the tissues and muscles under the skin.

To get a fibroid cure, massages should be done daily. Learn how to do massage yourself at home.


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