There are many ways in which a female hormone imbalance may manifest itself and one of them is estrogen dominance. This sort of hormonal imbalance among women is caused as a result of inadequate progesterone being produced inside the body to keep the effects of estrogen in check.

Even women with low estrogen levels could display symptoms of estrogen dominance if the levels of progesterone are even lower and are unable to balance the estrogen levels present in the body.

So this kind of hormonal imbalance is not so much about overproduction of estrogen equivalent to the deficiency of progesterone.

Female Hormone ImbalanceFemale hormone imbalance that causes a preponderance of estrogen is generally understood as being the result of certain common factors. These may include birth control pills or certain other types of medications.

Hormonal imbalance may also be caused by the overuse of certain cosmetics containing certain substances.

Use of non organic animal products is also thought to contribute to the imbalance.

Stress can cause or exacerbate existing problems of hormone imbalance. Some women may be genetically predisposed to such imbalances of estrogen.

Pregnancy and lactation may also cause a temporary imbalance of hormones, which is usually a problem that resolves itself however.

No exercise, a sedentary lifestyle and obesity is also a strong contributing factor for female hormone imbalance since fat cells are seen to be associated with estrogen production. The automatic production of certain antibodies in the system could also cause imbalance as well.

What are the symptoms of this kind of female hormone imbalance or estrogen dominance?

  • Since estrogen is a hormone that promotes growth, some women find that their breasts seem bigger or swollen and may also be tender or may hurt.
  • Period problems such as irregular periods, amenorrhea (absence of periods), very painful periods, passing large clots may also be present. Such menstrual problems may mean lowered fertility and an increased risk of stroke.
  • Fingers and feet may appear fatter or bloated and the same rings and shoes that fitted perfectly earlier may now be difficult to get on.This could be due to water retention but in fact weight gain may also be noted due to the hormonal imbalance. This weight gain is usually centered around the abdomen, thighs and hips.
  • Mood swings, more aggressive or irritable behavior and severe PMS may also be noted. Agitation, depression and anxiety are seen to be closely connected with hormonal imbalances.
  • Fibroids, endometriosis, the growth of cysts may also be symptoms of this kind of a female hormone imbalance.
  • Fatigue or feelings of tiredness may also signify hormonal problems.
  • There could be problems getting to sleep and having restful sleep.
  • Hair loss may be a problem.
  • Some women may also experience frequent headaches.
  • Fogginess or memory problems may also manifest.
  • Skin problems, adult acne and so on may also be a problem.
  • Female hormone imbalance could also cause changes in libido such as reduced interest in sex.