Let’s admit it: we all have some things that make us different from all the other people, even if these things are weird in one way or the other, such as having phobias. There are few things that seem to be totally normal to us, but can scare other people.

Celebrity Phobias


She is one of those celebrities who have a dark little secret. She doesn’t have a skeleton in her closet, but there is something that she is really afraid of: thunder. Actually this phobia has another name as well: brontophobia. You might have thought that a woman who is wearing leather corsets and does kickboxing wouldn’t be afraid of one of nature’s elements.

Nicole Kidman

At some point of our lives we are all chasing butterflies, but not her. Even more, she is afraid of butterflies. She admitted that sometimes she has panic attacks when she has to step out on the red carpet, but nobody would have thought that someone could be afraid of something that small and innocent.

Christina Ricci

One of the most surprising fears that you are ever going to hear about is botanophobia, meaning a fear of houseplants. This is what Christina has. According to her the plants are dirty and they are scaring her. This means that we shouldn’t expect her to have a big garden with a lot of plants, right?

Pamela Anderson

With all the work the she had done we might think that she is totally satisfied by her body, and that she could spend all day in front of a mirror. The truth is different though: she has eisoptrophobia. This means that she is scared to see her own reflection in the mirror.

Kelly Osborne

Kelly has another one of the weird phobias, she has haphophobia. This means that she is afraid of being touched. According to her brother, she totally freaks out in case someone touches her collarbone.

Kim Basinger

The phobia that she has is quite common among people: agoraphobia. Because of this she is afraid of the open spaces. In order to make herself feel better, she spent six months straight in her home. Side effects of this phobia could include shyness and a great need for privacy. We have to admit that this isn’t something that is easy to deal with.

As you can see, the celebrities aren’t perfect either and they have some problems too.