One of the most common problems that girls and women often experience is excessive vaginal discharge. In case you don’t know why it appears, it might be something that scares you. Keep in mind that there is some normal vaginal discharge too that is supposed to appear.

Bacterial vaginosis causing vaginal discharge in excess

This is the most common cause of vaginal discharge. This happens if there are too many bacteria in the vagina, and so you will see a grey colored discharge with a foul smell that usually becomes worse after having sex.

excessive-vaginal-dischargeIn this case besides the vaginal discharge in excess you could also experience some burning or itching or some redness in the area and the vagina or the vulva could be a bit swollen. Keep in mind that this cannot be transmitted to others and it can be easily treated using antibiotics.

Vaginal yeast infection

Yeast infection could also cause excessive vaginal discharge and you should know that yeast is again something that can normally be found in the vagina. In case it overgrows, it can cause an infection, becoming the second most common cause of the problem.

In this case the vaginal discharge in excess has the consistency of cheese and usually it is accompanied by an itchy feeling. Not all the people affected by yeast infection experience the itching. It is possible to have a swollen vulva and intercourse might get painful.

The excessive vaginal discharge in this case doesn’t necessarily have a bad smell. This is a common problem in case the patient is using antibiotics, those affected by diabetes or pregnant women or those that stay sweaty and hot for longer periods of time.


This is one of the causes of vaginal discharge in excess caused by a bacterium. In this case the discharge is thin, copious and bubbly with a greenish or yellowish color. Usually it has a foul smell and it may be accompanied by itching or pain when urinating.

Mostly this cause of excessive vaginal discharge appears after your period. It is possible that you are infected but show no signs for a longer period of time. In the majority of cases women contract it through having unprotected sex with an infected person.


This cause of vaginal discharge in excess is considered to be the most common STD and it is caused by a bacterium. Usually the infection causes no symptoms but in case the patient doesn’t receive medical attention, it could harm the reproductive organs.

The discharge in this case is yellow or milky with some odor that isn’t necessarily unpleasant. Some other symptoms include pain in the lower abdomen, painful urination and pain during intercourse. The disease is easy to treat with the help of antibiotics.

Some other causes of excessive vaginal discharge include gonorrhea, genital herpes, forgotten tampon or other foreign body, and infected IUD, atropic vaginitis and vaginal or cervical cancer. All of the mentioned causes are treatable through different kinds of medication.