Cervical polyps! These finger like growths usually start on the surface of your cervix or from the mucous glands of endocervical canal.

The cervix is the lower part of your uterus or womb and it is often considered as the neck of the uterus. Your doctor can easily view the portion of your cervix, whenever you have a pap smear.

It can also be easily felt when you have any internal examination by your personal physician or nurse. So, any kind of abnormal growth in this particular part of your uterus can be easily identified during your pap smear or through your regular internal examinations.

cervical polyps

Identifying these cervical polyps is very essential in order to avoid many abnormal reproductive health conditions.

Large cervical polyps are quite capable to produce these particular manifestations!

Cervical polyps are more common in teens and in those females who have experienced pregnancy at least once in their regular course of life. In most of the cases, it is fairly common to find one single polyp. Even, it is considered as relatively common to find two polyps at a time. But, when the surface of your cervix or mucous glands produces large polyps, then you can experience these particular manifestations in yourself.

  • Whenever the growth of cervical polyps is larger than the usual, then you can experience abnormally heavy menstrual periods. This kind of abnormality in menstrual periods is commonly known as menorrhagia.
  • Bleeding between your normal menstrual periods is also one of the most common indications of abnormal growth of polyps at the surface of your cervix.
  • One can also experience heavy bleeding during their regular menstrual cycle, due to this particular growth of cervical polyps.
  • You can also experience a foul smelling discharge from your vagina, when this abnormal growth is significantly associated with any kind of infection.

Exact cause of cervical polyps is still unknown!

The exact reason for this kind of abnormal growth at the surface of your cervix is still not clearly understood by many health experts. But, most of the researchers believe that they are usually associated with an inflammation or infection at the surface of cervix.

Cervical polyps are not at all related to any kind of sexually transmitted diseases and even they don’t considerably lead you to cancer [Cervical cancer]. In most cases, these cervical polyps are non-cancerous, but they can typically block your cervix and eventually raises many complications during your pregnancy.

So, whenever you are confirmed with the presence of cervical polyps, do not get nervous about this particular condition. There are many kinds of treatments available to treat these polyps. So, take wise decision by consulting your personal physician and take appropriate measures to stay away from all kind of complications.