When thinking about the enlarged uterus symptoms, you should know that menopause comes with many different changes.

Some of them affect the reproductive system of women. One of the changes is having an enlarged uterus. A lot of women think that they only gained some weight.

Signs of an enlarged uterus

There are different kinds of causes for having an enlarged uterus. The symptoms could vary according to the causes of the problem.

The possible symptoms include pain in the abdomen, premenstrual syndrome, pain in the back, severe menstrual cramps, depression, nausea, sudden weight gain and painful menstruation.

Enlarged Uterus Symptoms

Abnormal menstruation

If you are thinking about the symptoms of an enlarged uterus, you should also consider the less common ones. One of them is having abnormal menstruation. The symptom is called menorrhagia, a prolonged or profuse menstrual bleeding.

In this case it is possible for the enlarged uterus symptoms to include passing blood clots, irregular menstruation, heavy menstrual flow and noticing some bleeding between two periods. The excessive blood loss could lead to a lack of energy or sudden anemia.

Sudden weight gain

One of the most common enlarged uterus signs is gaining weight in a short period of time. It is not normal for the waistline to grow suddenly and this is why women shouldn’t ignore this sign. Such weight gain could result in irregular menstruation, obesity and infertility.


In case of the enlarged uterus symptoms, it is common to experience sudden pain associated with the reproductive system.

The common types of pain include leg pain associated with menstrual cramps, back pain, pelvic pain, pain in the flank and pain in the lower back.

These warning signs of an enlarged uterus could also be accompanied by migraine, headaches, pain during sex, dyspareunia, abdominal pain, stomachache, excessive bloating, flatulence and diarrhea. All these kinds of pain can be associated with having an enlarged uterus.

Reproductive complications

If the enlarged uterus symptoms appear during the childbearing years, many different complications could appear. The complications in this case could include premature labor, infertility, stillbirth, recurrent miscarriages or premature birth. If there is an abdominal distortion that isn’t associated with pregnancy, it is one of the most obvious signs.

The causes behind the enlarged uterus warning signs

There are different cycles during the reproductive age of women that could lead to complications like an enlarged uterus. One of the causes is having uterine fibroids. About half of all women experience fibroids of this kind during their life. The fibroids could have various sizes, ranging between the size of a pea and the size of a watermelon.

Ovarian cysts can also lead to an enlarged uterus. These are small sacks filled with fluid that can be found on the surface and inside the ovaries. If they aren’t found in time they could rupture leading to serious complications.

Now you know more about the enlarged uterus symptoms and you know why should you keep an eye out to recognize a possible problem that you may have.