When looking for an enlarged fibroid uterus treatment you should know that the uterus was made for accommodating the baby while it grows.

As a result when the fibroids grow, the uterus will expand to make room for them. Because of this some of the affected women might notice that their abdomen has distended.

Will the treatment for enlarged fibroid uterus make the uterus shrink?

Enlarged-Fibroid-UterusIf your fibroid is removed through surgery or it is shrunk by embolization, you have high chances of your uterus returning to its original shape and size. The bad news is the myomectomy can affect the lining of the uterus and thus it can lead to infertility. You also have to know that there is the possibility of the regrowth of the fibroid.

Treatment options

Before women receive treatment for the enlarged uterus because of the fibroid, usually they have an ultrasound to confirm the presence of the fibroid. While this is a popular tool in diagnosing the problem, it often doesn’t indicate the underlying problems or this doesn’t show all the fibroids.

This is why before moving on to the enlarged fibroid uterus treatment, the doctors also make an MRI. With the help of this kind of imaging the doctors can select the women who are suitable for non-surgical procedures, such as uterine fibroid embolization that will kill the cancer cells.

The doctors check whether this treatment option for enlarged fibroid uterus can be used, meaning whether the embolization will truly kill the cancer cells. The doctors also look for the causes of the symptoms and for pathology that could prevent the success of the treatment procedure.

Uterine fibroid embolization

At the moment this is the best enlarged fibroid uterus treatment. The procedure is done by an interventional radiologist. He or she is a professional who is trained to perform noninvasive embolization of this kind. The procedure is done while the patient is conscious, but she can feel no pain.

During the treatment procedure of the enlarged fibroid uterus there will be a small incision made through which the doctor inserts a catheter. Through this catheter the specialist releases small particles that will stop the blood flow to the fibroid, thus cutting its supply and so the fibroid will die and dissolve.

Most probably you would opt for the noninvasive enlarged fibroid uterus treatment rather than to be cut open on some surgeon’s table still you will have to keep in mind that no medical treatment comes without risks.