It is possible that when you visit your doctor regarding the endometriosis stages, he or she starts using some terms that make you get lost in the world of medical terminology, and this is why you may require some help with the stages.

In order to determine the severity of the condition, in the majority of the cases doctors use surgery. This is how the stages of endometriosis are determined. There are some common stages that you should know about.

Endometriosis Stages

First stage of endometriosis

This stage is known to be minimal. Usually the patients get a score based on the outcome of the surgery. In this case the score varies between 1and 5 and it means that there are some endometrial tissues, but these are isolated on the outer side of the uterus.

The second one of the endometriosis stages

This stage is considered to be mild. In this case the patients’ score varies between 6 and 15. If the doctor makes this diagnosis, it means that there are several smaller implants and some areas covered by scar tissue.

Third stage of endometriosis

The third stage is a moderate one. The patients in this stage have 16-40 points. The implants in this stage can be said to be deep and superficial. The doctors can also observe different areas that come with adhesions or scar tissue. In the majority of the cases the symptoms of endometriosis appear when the patients reach this stage.

The fourth of the endometriosis stages

The fourth and last stage is known as the most severe stage of the condition. For this the patients need more than 40 points. In this case the affected women have numerous superficial and deep implants, and there are also adhesions.

The symptoms of the condition in this stage are common, and it is also common for women in the fourth stage to be faced with infertility.

It is possible in just any stage of endometriosis for the affected women not to have any symptoms at all. The symptoms that the patients experience don’t need to be directly linked to the severity of their condition or the stage that they are in.

It is possible that some women in the second one of the endometriosis stages experience some of the symptoms, while the women with stage four endometriosis don’t have any symptoms. Nonetheless in case of severe endometriosis, it is common for women to experience pain in the pelvic area.

In case you suspect that you are in any of the stages of endometriosis, you should make sure that you talk with your health care provider about your concerns. He or she will be able to tell you about different kinds of treatment methods to get rid of the discomfort and pain that the condition causes.

In case you are diagnosed with having the fourth of the endometriosis stages, you shouldn’t feel scared because this isn’t the end of the world, and due to modern technology, doctors can do a lot for you.
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