In case you have to be dealing with endometriosis treatment, most probably sooner or later your doctor will talk to you about endometriosis surgery.

There are some questions that will influence your decision in this matter, including the type of surgery, the way the surgery is performed, and also the reason of the surgery.

Treatment and surgery for endometriosis

The majority of the specialists agree that the most efficient way to treat the condition is to have both surgical and medical treatments. The truth is that nobody really knows which one of them is the best. Until now there has been no clinical comparison made.

Endometriosis SurgeryLaparoscopy

This is one of the most common kinds of surgery for endometriosis. In the same time it is one of the least invasive ones. During the procedure the surgeon takes a look at the reproductive organs and the abdominal area.

There is a small telescope inserted into this area through small incisions. Through this kind of endometriosis surgery the surgeon can remove the unwanted tissue or even destroy it with the help of heat or laser.


It is another kind of surgery for endometriosis that is more invasive than laparoscopy. During the procedure there is an incision made on the abdomen. The main downside of the procedure is that there is need for a longer recovery time that comes with disability and pain.

Which one to choose?

When it comes to endometriosis surgery, there is no clear answer to which of the two is the best. In case of laparotomy is has been shown that the chances of getting pregnant are higher and the risks of recurrence are smaller. On the other hand there are some other studies that had the opposite results.

Both kinds of surgery for endometriosis carry the risk of scarring and adhesions. These could result in infertility, the need for other surgeries, worsening the pain or damaging the pelvic structures. Adhesions form on the peritoneum as a result of trauma or injury.

This is the membrane that covers the inner side of the abdomen and the organs inside except for the ovaries. Before endometriosis surgery the membrane is slippery. If it gets injured, the immune system will try to repair it, leading to inflammation and to the production of scar tissue.

In the majority of the cases these scar tissues dissolve on their own during the process known as fibrinolysis that is the same thing as the healing of a cut on your finger. Nonetheless the scars of surgery are more difficult to dissolve, or they might not dissolve at all.

Presacral neurectomy

This surgery of endometriosis is one of the less common surgeries in this case. Actually the surgery is performed in severe cases of menstrual pain and it doesn’t focus on endometriosis. The main point of the surgery is to cut the pre-sacral nerve. The studies comparing the surgeries have found that the cure rate is higher in this case.

There is a lot more to know regarding endometriosis surgery and before undergoing it you should evaluate which method suits you better.