When considering endometriosis diet, you should know that it refers to the right diet for the situation when the tissue from the lining of the uterus travels through the body and starts growing in other places as well.

As a result women could be faced with scarring, inflammation, bleeding, pain and infertility.

Macrobiotic endometriosis diet

The main point of this kind of diet is to consume grains as the base food along with vegetables. It is important to avoid highly processed foods and foods originating from animals. The advantage of this kind of diet is that it helps the immune system and it corrects the damage done by the misplaced tissue.endometriosis diet

If you are thinking about this kind of diet for endometriosis, you should know that there are specific indications according to the season.

 For instance in spring you should have wild plants, greens, grains and fermented food. The summer diet comes with sweet corn, frits, summer pumpkins and leafy green vegetables.

Essential oils

You should know that endometriosis is a condition that is sensitive to estrogen and the surge of it is brought upon prostaglandins.

This is why it is important to have a diet that doesn’t cause prostaglandin synthesis. Prostaglandins can naturally be found in fatty acids.

In case you are thinking about endometriosis nutrition consider that you should relax the uterus. This can be achieved through consuming omega 3 fatty acids.

These can be found in flax seed, primrose oil and walnut oil. You should limit the intake of saturated fatty acids since these produce more prostaglandins.


It is known that fiber helps with digestion and residue elimination and it is also thought to eliminate estrogens from the body. In case you are affected by endometriosis you should consider having beans, rye, brown rice, peas, fruits, vegetables and oatmeal because they are rich in fiber.

Hormone regulating foods

As you can see hormones have a lot to do when thinking about nutrition for endometriosis. The foods that can control the estrogen levels include broccoli, mustard greens, turnips and cabbage. It may also be useful to have foods that come with phytoestrogens because they can lock out estrogen.

B vitamins

The women interested in an endometriosis diet should also think about foods high in vitamin B because these can degrade estradiol into estriol. Vitamin B also helps the immune system and the central nervous system. Magnesium in combination with Vitamin B is very important because it helps the muscles of the uterus and of the intestines to relax.

When you are about to choose the endometriosis diet you should also know that there are some vegetables that can activate the enzymes of the liver and so they can help to detoxify the body. This way the excess hormones, like estrogen can also be eliminated from the body.

As you can see there are some kinds of foods that are good to be consumed if you are looking for the right endometriosis diet. The key is to have a balanced nutrition and to have a little bit of everything.