Before thinking about the endometrial ablation side effects, you should know more about the procedure itself. It is a surgical procedure during which the inner lining, or endometrium, is destroyed by the doctor.

It is usually performed in case the patient has heavy periods that cannot be controlled by medication.

Information about the side effects of endometrial ablation

There are several kinds of risks associated with the procedure, including the risks of infertility or the risks of damaging the bowel or the uterus. There are some other mild side effects as well that the patients could experience right after the procedure. This is something that women have to consider before agreeing to the procedure.

Abdominal cramping and the side effects of endometrial ablation

Endometrial Ablation Side EffectsAccording to the specialists it is common to experience abdominal cramping after undergoing the procedure. These cramps are said to be similar to the menstrual cramps.

In order to perform the procedure there is need to dilute the cervix and to disturb the inner lining of the uterus. Because of this the patient could experience spasms of the uterine muscle.

In the majority of the cases the cramps which are actually the side effects of the endometrial ablation are mild and they can be easily managed with the help of over the counter pain killers.

If the cramping is more severe or in case you experience pain in the lower back as well then you are facing more serious side effects.

Vaginal discharge as one of the side effects of endometrial ablation

In some cases the patients could experience vaginal discharge after the procedure. Usually this discharge is thin, watery and it could also contain some blood. Three days after the procedure the discharge could also be heavy and it could be similar to a period.

In case you experience heavy bleeding for more than 2 days, vaginal discharge with a foul smell or passing blood clots, then you are facing endometrial ablation side effects that are more serious and you should seek the attention of a doctor.

Frequent urination

The procedure could irritate your bladder and this could cause frequent urination as one of the side effects of endometrial ablation. In some of the cases the patients could experience bladder spasms or they could have the feeling that they aren’t able to empty their bladder. After having the procedure you should keep an eye out for urinary tract infection. The symptoms of the condition include bloody urine, pain while urinating and pain in the lower back.

Other endometrial ablation side effects

Usually the professionals say that it is also possible to experience nausea and vomiting after the procedure, especially in case the patient has been under general anesthesia. In the majority of the cases the side effects of endometrial ablation disappear a few days after the procedure. Fatigue and a feeling of tiredness are also some common side effects.

There are a lot of endometrial ablation side effects to keep an eye out for, but usually these aren’t serious.