Almost every woman faces some or the other embarrassing issue related to the health atleast once in her lifetime.  While some suffer from stretch marks, others might be facing difficulties due to cellulite.  These problems can make the women conscious and even under-confident at times.

Women are meant to be beautiful, gorgeous, confident and happy. Instead of finding ways to cure these issues, it is better to prevent them and remain worry-free.  But without knowing what kinds of embarrassing health issues you might have to face, how can you find ways to prevent them? This is why we have come up with a list of the top 5 most embarrassing health issues which a female might experience.

embarrassing health issues which women have to faceStretch Marks

Millions of women all over the planet are conscious and embarrassed with the stretch marks that they have.  Stretch marks occur due to the stretching of the skin which may either be due to weight gain or weight loss. Whatever the reason or cause, these marks look absolutely unattractive and have definitely spoiled the beach life of many out there. But rather than using creams and treatments on this issue, it is better to prevent them. There are many vitamin rich lotions which can help keep the skin supple and prevent it from developing these marks.


Believe it or not but every woman has cellulite. Even the lovely looking celebrities or models have cellulite and it sure can be an embarrassing thing to have. The only way a woman can stop the embarrassment of sporting cellulite is engaging in physical activity.  Physical exercises can reduce cellulite by reducing fat.

Gray Hair

Premature graying of the hair is not something rare and is pretty common among women in their late 20s or early thirties. Graying of hair before you reach 40 is due to your genes and is very natural and common. It sure is embarrassing at times but if you are facing excessive graying of hair in your youth, you must pay your doctor a visit.

Pimples on the Butt

A lot of females experience tiny white or red bumps on their butt and consider them to be pimples. Relax, these bumps are not pimples but are keratosis pilaris which is a harmless skin condition.  These not just appear on the butt but also on the arms, the legs, the underarms and even on the back.  Do not worry because this condition may disappear as easily as it first appeared.  If you wish to get rid of it, you can moisturize your butt properly every day.

Too much Sweating

Too much sweating on the armpits, forehead and other body parts is yet another really embarrassing health issue which many women suffer from.  There are many ways to control the sweat but if you have a condition called Hyperhidrosis, then it is better that you visit the doctor and get prescription pills or antiperspirants.  These prescription solutions might help to control the sweat considerably.