Are you suffering with cervical disorder or cervical cancer?

Cone biopsy is the surgery which will help in removing the tumors which are responsible for cervical disorders.

Cervical cancer is the common problem for most of the women. It mainly shows its effect on your reproductive system.

Cone biopsy is an extensive method of cervical biopsy.

In this method, a piece of tissue which is cylindrical in shape is taken for the diagnosis of the cervical cancer. Small tumors in the cervix can be removed with cone biopsy.Cervical biopsy

Cone biopsy is generally recommended for two main purposes:

  1. It is used to take the thin or thick sample tissues inside the cervix, which is needed for diagnosis of the cervical cancer.
  2. It is also used for the treatment of some abnormal tissues or tumors present inside the cervix, which does not need any long term treatment or surgeries to be removed.

Cone biopsy is usually done in either of two given ways:

  1. LEEP, loop electrosurgical excision procedure is one of the surgical methods of cone biopsy, in which the tissue is removed with the help of an electric wire, heated with an electric current. In this method of surgery, you will be given only with local anesthesia and it is a quick process which can be done at your physician’s office.
  2. Cone biopsy using laser technology is another method of removing the tumors from the cervix. In this method, CO2 laser is used to remove the abnormal tissues. In this method, you will be given with general anesthesia. Using lasers is always advantageous, as there will be no bleeding process involved when it is done with the lasers.

Important tips to be followed after cone biopsy:

  1. After the surgery, you need to take rest for one to four hours and also special instructions are given to take care of yourself after the surgery is done.
  2. You can find some vaginal bleeding for about a week after the surgery, which is quite normal and also some vaginal spotting for up to three weeks.
  3. Avoid sexual intercourse and use of tampons for four to six weeks.

There are certain complications involved with this cone biopsy. Before going to have this surgery, you need to know about these things which can cause harm to you.

  1. After surgery, you may need blood transfusion or vaginal packing. This happens very rarely. About only 10% of women or less than that suffer with this problem.
  2. The cervix can be turned narrow which leads to infertility.
  3. Due to the lack of ability of the cervix to remain closed during pregnancy, your pregnancy may end up with miscarriages or even premature babies.

Try to discuss with your doctor about these complications before having this surgery in order to avoid the disasters to happen.