Before thinking about the complex cyst ovary treatment you should know that a cyst is a sac filled with fluid or a solid mass.

A complex cyst refers to a cyst that contains both fluid and solid matter. Usually the problem occurs in case ovulation doesn’t take place as it is supposed to.

Information about the ovary treatment for complex cyst

Complex-Cyst-on-Ovary-TreatmentThe truth is that the treatment depends on the age of the patient, the symptoms and her plans regarding having children in the future. In the same time the doctors also have to take into consideration the location of the cyst and its size. First the patient needs a pelvic examination for the doctors to assess her condition.

Before starting the treatment for complex cyst on ovary, women have to take a pregnancy test to make sure that they don’t have an ectopic pregnancy. After this they may have a number of tests that will show whether the cyst is cancerous or not. This only happens in rare cases.

How does it work?

To find the right complex cyst ovary treatment there is need for a blood test too. Usually the problem can be addressed through surgery. First the doctors have to drain the fluid from the cyst. After this the cyst is cut from the ovary or it is removed with the help of a laser.

When thinking about the cure for a complex ovary cyst you should know that in both cases there are some risks. The doctors could harm the ovaries, scar tissue might appear or the laser may produce too much heat. In case the ovaries are wounded during surgery, they won’t be able to release any more eggs and so the patient won’t be able to get pregnant.

The good news about the complex cyst ovary treatment is that there is a less risky option as well. This involves taking different kinds of drugs that are meant to reduce the cyst’s size after the doctors drain it. After this it will become easier for the doctors to remove the cyst through surgery.


Before you get the complex cyst ovary cure you might experience pain in the pelvic region around the time of menstruation, when having intercourse or during bowel movements. The menstrual periods of women may also be affected.

The complex cyst on ovary treatment is available for the woman suffering from it.