Before thinking about the complex cyst on ovary symptoms, you should know that a cyst is a sac filled with fluids. This is a common problem among women in their childbearing years. Usually the cysts get resolved on their own. However if this doesn’t happen, the body can produce a complex ovarian cyst.

Complex Cyst on Ovary – Symptoms to Consider

Pain as one of the symptoms of the complex cyst on ovary

The most common symptom of the problem is pain in the pelvic area or in the abdominal region. Usually this is perceived as constant pressure or ache. It is possible for the pain to be experienced during sexual intercourse.

The pain can be caused by the fact that the cyst blocks the blood flow to the ovary, which is known as torsion. In the same time, the pain can also be caused by the ruptured cyst.

Effects of the complex cyst on ovary symptoms

In case the cyst bursts, it will irritate the ovarian tissue around it, so it is possible for women to experience nausea as well. The women affected by the problem could notice changes in their menstrual pattern. The menstrual cycles can become irregular or delayed. Sometimes women stop having menstrual periods.

Another common one from the signs of complex cyst on ovary is experiencing more pain during the menstrual period. Some other signs include unexplained weight gain, feeling bloated, problems with urinating and a general feeling of weakness.

Seeing your doctor about the complex cyst on ovary symptoms

If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. You will have several tests that will determine the location of the cyst and its extent. Based on the results, the doctors will be able to tell you how dangerous the cyst is.


The good news is that there are several available treatment options that can aid with the cysts’ decrease. If the cyst is large or dangerous, usually the safest option is to have surgery to have it removed.

It is important not to panic if you notice the complex cyst on ovary symptoms. You have to take steps to find out what you are dealing with and you should concentrate all your forces on finding a solution.