When thinking about chronic pelvic pain syndrome anxiety it is good to know that this condition can have a great impact on your life.

There are a lot of potential causes and anxiety can be one of them. If you notice the symptoms of the problem you should seek immediate medical help.

Anxiety disorder and chronic pelvic pain

Chronic-Pelvic-Pain-Syndrome-and-AnxietyThe anxiety disorders can be described as a class of mental disorders that consist of abnormal and obsessive fear and worry. The disorders can be linked to changes in different functions of the brain and an imbalance of the neurotransmitters that regulate fear and anxiety.

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome and anxiety

The pain can be caused by a somatoform disorder that is the result of somatization. Disturbing memories or some psychological conditions can be perceived as pain in different body parts and this is known as somatization. The women who went through abuse often suffer from somatization and it often appears as pelvic pain.

In case you are thinking about chronic pelvic pain syndrome’s relation to anxiety you should know that anxiety itself can also lead to somatization that can result in pelvic pain. In about 82% of the cases pelvic pain is connected to a somatoform disorder. The sensitivity caused by anxiety can increase the chances of somatization.

Physical symptoms

Another possibility regarding anxiety and chronic pelvic pain syndrome is that anxiety leads to pelvic pain through the physical symptoms that it causes such as muscle tightness. In the same it can cause irritable bowel syndrome which is a common symptom of anxiety also common in case of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Muscle tightness may also have a role to play in chronic pelvic pain syndrome caused by anxiety especially if it affects sexual function as well. In this case the pain gets worse if women get aroused, so they end up avoiding any sexual activity. As a result they will become anxious about sex too, which leads to even more pain.

Considerations regarding anxiety problems and chronic pelvic pain syndrome

The truth is that at the moment the professionals don’t exactly understand the problem so there are no final conclusions drawn. While it is known that anxiety is linked to chronic pelvic pain syndrome, the connection is still unknown due to the multitude of possible sources.

It is best for you to talk to your doctor about chronic pelvic pain syndrome anxiety if you think that you see worrisome symptoms. This way you will get tested and hopefully a compatible remedy will be prescribed to you, to help you deal with this health issue.