The truth about cervix cancer symptoms is that they vary from one woman to the other.

There are some patients who experience no symptoms at all, while in other cases these symptoms could get to be very bothersome and they could interfere with the everyday activities.

The bad news regarding the symptoms of cervical cancer is that they are really general. This means that they could be the symptoms of many different conditions, not only cervical cancer.

Cervix Cancer Symptoms

In order to get the right diagnosis and treatment, you should tell your doctor about all of your symptoms.

Early symptoms of cervical cancer

In case you have cancer at an early stage, there will be no symptoms or only a few. There is the test called Pap smear that can find the condition at early stages, usually there are no other indicators of the presence of the cancerous cells.

This is why it is so important to have Pap smears on a regular basis.

Cervix cancer symptoms of the later stages

As the cancer progresses, the majority of the patients will start experiencing different kinds of symptoms.

Pelvic pain

This is one of the symptoms of cervical cancer that could be linked to other conditions as well or physical exertion or menstruation but in the same time it could turn out to be a symptom of cancer.

Pain when having sexual intercourse

This is one of the more bothersome cervix cancer symptoms. Although not all women experience this symptom, some of the cancer patients experience pain when having vaginal intercourse.

Abnormal bleeding

This is known to be as the most common one of the symptoms of cervical cancer. In order to recognize abnormal bleeding, you should keep an eye out for bleeding after having intercourse, bleeding after showering, heavy menstruation, heavy spotting or having an additional period. In case you experience any kind of bleeding that is out of the ordinary, you should let your health care provider know immediately.

Vaginal discharge

Experiencing vaginal discharge is also a common one of the cervix cancer symptoms, but it could be related to other kinds of medical conditions as well. Usually it appears in case of the advanced stages and it could or could not have an odor.

What happens if you get affected by the condition?

In case you are experiencing any of the symptoms of cervical cancer, you should visit your doctor. Most probably when making the appointment the assistant will ask you about the reason of your visit. At this point you should tell him or her about your symptoms. This might determine how soon you can see your doctor. In case you don’t feel comfortable talking to the assistant, you could ask to speak to a nurse about the symptoms.

Before you go to the appointment, make a list of your cervix cancer symptoms. Write down when you experience the symptoms and how often they occur. Also include the medications that make you feel better if there are any of these.