Although cervical cancer is a relatively rare condition among women, still a lot of people are interested in cervical cancer survival rates. This is because it is a potentially deadly condition.

Before you start looking for such information, you should find out more about the cancer itself.

Fighting with the chances of survival of cervical cancer

There are numerous things that help women avoid having the condition. These include the screening tests such as the Pap test that is able to find the precancerous cells of the cervix. There is also a kind of vaccine, known as the Gardasil vaccine that is given to younger women.

Cervical Cancer Survival RatesIn order to increase the chances of survival of cervical cancer the women get the vaccine that protects them against different kinds of HPV infections that are known to cause cervical cancer. These include the main breakthroughs regarding fighting with the condition.

Incidence and mortality

These are two factors that we must mention when it comes to the cervical cancer survival rates. The average age at which women get diagnosed having the condition is 48. In case of those women who cannot fight the cancer the average age of death is of 57.

Chances of survival of cervical cancer by stages

In the majority of the cases the survival rates depend on the stage of the cancer when it is diagnosed. In case the cancer is found when in early stage and it is still localized, there is a 5 year relative survival rate of 91%. This means that 9 out of every 10 women are expected to be alive five years after the diagnosis.

Still you have to know regarding cervical cancer survival rates that the chances radically drop in case the cancer spreads to the neighboring lymph nodes. Even more, if the cancer is metastatic, the chances drop below 20%.

Pap test

When talking about the chances of survival of cervical cancer a lot of women have been suffering in silence and having the condition was equal to a death sentence. Nonetheless with the help of modern technology the patients have greater chances of fighting the cancer and beating it.


In case you are more interested in cervical cancer survival rates regarding the given stages of cancer, you may want to know exact numbers. On the other hand other women prefer not to know the numbers.

In the majority of the cases the statistics refer to chances of survival of cervical cancer in the 5 years following the diagnosis. In this case the rates are as follows: stage 0: 93%, stage IA: 93%, stage IB: 80%, stage IIA 63%, Stage IIB: 58%, stage IIIA: 35%, stage IIIB: 32%, stage IVA: 16% and stage IVB: 14%.

Keep in mind that although these are the official statistics, a lot of women live a lot more than just 5 years.

Now you may know all about cervical cancer survival rates, and so you know what to expect in case you have been affected by this type of cancer.