Cancer is never something to joke about, and this is why cervical cancer screening is so important in the life of people. Just as in other cases, screening means searching for the signs of this kind of cancer.

Why to have screening for cervical cancer?

One of the main points of having this procedure is to stop the cancer from appearing, if that it possible. There are only few cancers that can be prevented, and this is one of them. It is possible because there are some pre-cancer cells that can be recognized before they turn to be cancerous cells. Such a procedure is available since 1967.

Cervical Cancer ScreeningWhat is screening for cervical cancer?

During this procedure there will be a nurse or a doctor taking samples from the surface of your cervix with the help of a small brush. Then the brush is placed into a pot with some kind of liquid, and it is sent for analysis. When the sample gets to the lab, it will be analyzed through a microscope and if there are abnormal cells, they will be reported.

Before the modern technology was used, cervical cancer screening was done with the help of a wooden spatula and then the cells were transferred to a glass surface. The procedure back then was known as cervical smear.

For whom is screening for cervical cancer good for?

Usually women between the ages of 25 and 60 are asked in time intervals of 3 to 5 years to have a screening of this kind. It is interesting to know that the age groups that are asked to do the screening vary from one country to the other.

Where to have the cervical cancer screening?

There are numerous different places that you can have the procedure at, including GP surgery, woman clinic, genito urinary clinic, family planning clinic, private clinic, voluntary organization or an antenatal clinic if you happen to be pregnant.

In case you feel more comfortable this way, you can ask your screening for cervical cancer to be done by a female doctor or nurse. Nonetheless in this case you may need an appointment. It is even better to mention this during the initial appointment.

One important thing to remember regarding cervical cancer screening is that you should have it during your menstrual period. This is because other times it is more difficult for the one performing the procedure to see your cervix and to take the sample. In this case the result might be inadequate and you may have to repeat the screening.

How to have the screening for cervical cancer?

All you have to do is to take off your underwear and lie on the couch. Make sure that you spread your knees. If it is difficult for you to get into this position, you could ask the doctor to do the screening while you are on your side, with the knees spread.

Cervical cancer screening isn’t something you should be afraid of. Do it for your health.

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